I have worked in the design industry for over 25 years and specialise in Interior Design. I'm also a registered Architect and have professional qualifications in Urban Planning. I can wear any of these hats when I work with clients. Sometimes, I wear all three!

Stewart Kirby in Adelaide, SA, AU on Houzz


I use a few principals to guide the design process.

Less is more

I love designing, especially when space is at a premium. Small spaces present such an interesting design challenge. Of course, I can help with enormous spaces too.

Quality not quantity

My own philosophy is reflected by Ilse Crawford in her fabulous Sensual Home:

Spend more than you can afford on something that raises your spirits every time you see it, something you buy for instinctive reasons rather than rational ones. Then the rest of the furniture can take a back seat. You will always enjoy it - it's the 'sensible' buys that you end up hating.

Eclectic combinations

Anyone can go into a new furniture showroom with an open cheque book. The result is often a "sameness" that can quickly date, and seldom reflects the personality of the owner. I prefer to build up a more eclectic selection of furniture and objects, working with old and new pieces, that reflect your personality and style. Your space should be about you or your business, should reflect your personality or brand values and should not be someone else's idea of the look du jour.