Odd furniture

I love an eclectic mix of furnishings, but getting a mix of furniture styles to work together doesn't generally happen by accident. This apartment could look fantastic. It has a great outlook and lots of space. I don't mind the sofas, cushions, side and coffee tables, but that chair looks completely out of place. It is a nice chair, don't get me wrong, but it does not work in this room. It might look good in a bedroom but it doesn't work here. 

The image of this living room would look much better if the chair was removed altogether. The sofas would look better if moved to face one another over the coffee table. This arrangement may not work with the layout of the apartment, but for a web page image while trying to sell the home, this doesn't matter.

Having good images of your property is really important when selling. A professional photographer will move things around to create more appealing images. With most people searching for real estate online these days, rather than trudging around to open inspections, it is important that the images of your property present it in its best possible light. It is therefore worth looking beyond your estate agent's 'point-and-shoot' camera to get good images.