Babies and pets

 Remove all signs of babies and pets wherever possible. Pets and babies can do a lot of damage to a house. They mark walls, leave unpleasant smells and tend to have really unstylish accessories. While you might love you dependants, don't expect potential purchasers to be equally enthralled. Clean people and/or those with allergies may not even consider your house if they spot a baby/pet signifier in an advertising image.

In the image above, the faded plastic high chair at the table lowers the stylishness factor of this room single-handedly. This space has some reasonable features. The chrome and black leather dining chairs are classic, the dining table is a simple black affair, the painting on the wall is big and colourful, the piano and stool in the background add a touch of sophistication, and while the Ikea-looking chest of drawers and the swivel chair by the piano are questionable, the space doesn't look bad. Except for that hideous highchair (and that speaker cable running up the wall in the corner). This highchair even has wheels on it so it would have been really easy to wheel out of sight. Now I appreciate that your home might be ideal for babies and/or pets, but let people make up their own minds on that. People could just as easily view the highchair as an indication of why you are selling and that the house isn't suitable for babies at all.