Garbage bins

 I am amazed at how many homes have garbage bins proudly on display in front of them. Ideally, bins should always be kept out of view. This is especially important in advertising images and during open-inspections. I appreciate finding out-of-sight homes for garbage bins can be difficult, especially as some residential areas have quite a number of separate bins to take rubbish and recycling.

Even if there is literally nowhere hidden to put your bins on your property, at least move them out of sight while your house is photographed. Ask your neighbours if you can hide them out-of-sight in their yard or garage when your house has open inspections. Do whatever you can, as rubbish bins do not give a good first impression.

The house shown above presents immaculately except for the two wheelie bins, a bucket, and four non-matching pots on bricks with sad looking plants in them. This image would look so much better without the bins and pot plants. Agreed, there is a lot of concrete and some pot plants would help soften and beautify things, but please, hire some really big impressive plants in big impressive pots from a local plant hire company while your home is for sale. It will make a difference.