Body Corporate


I know motivating a group of owners making up the Body Corporate of your property can be hard work, but it is worth your effort. Take for example this group of Town Houses. They are located in a desirable inner-city suburb but are let down by:

  • Weeds in the garden
  • A terrible paint scheme that looks like it is trying to match the oppressive brick colour
  • Cheap and nasty outdoor light fittings
  • Air conditioning unit hanging out of a window panel
  • Broken window awning
  • A rubbish bin on show in the front garden (visible through that sad looking bush)


To make a considerable improvement to this property, at minimal cost, the owners need to engage a designer and a landscape designer/architect to provide them with:

  • a paint scheme that will soften the oppressiveness of  the brick colour
  • a lighting schedule for new stylish outdoor light fittings
  • a window awning that matches the new colour scheme and can be used on all windows that need one (any awnings should always match all others on the property)
  • a gorgeous, but low maintenance, garden design

These things are basic maintenance items that will transform the current rental slum look, to something a lot more cared for and loved.