Funky makeover

This kitchen is a refreshing example of a kitchen makeover in a fairly low-end one-bedroom 1960s city apartment (see the bathroom below) that is for sale on People seem to spend huge amounts of money replacing whole kitchens, often with ones of lesser quality, but I don't think this is always necessary. This kitchen isn't without its compromises and difficult issues, but the owners of this apartment have tackled these with imagination rather than large sums of money that would have been a likely over-capitalisation in this property.
I assume the Hot Water System is housed in the joinery with the microwave on it and this is a good use of this corner space. The original cupboards look great with the fresh green doors and the new bench tops give clean and larger work surfaces than would have originally been there.
I also approve of the freestanding stove and dishwasher. These things do not have to be built in despite what kitchen manufacturers might have you believe. The choice and placement of decorative items for the sales image is also excellent. This kitchen really is refreshing when compared to most of the drab examples that you find in apartments currently for sale.