Let there be many lights

Try not to light a room with only one light source, or with light from only one direction (e.g. single ceiling pendants or ceiling mounted down-lights). It is always better to use many softer light sources in a room. Plug-in lamps come in a great variety of styles and are much more fun to experiment with, and look at, than ceiling lighting. Multiple light sources create a much more interesting and relaxing space where light fittings can be used to highlight individual areas and draw your eye to various features of the room.

By softer light sources, I am talking about the least powerful light globes you can find. A personal favorite is the Philips Genie 5W warm white compact fluorescent globe. These come with a range of different bases so they will fit most existing fittings. They give a soft glow, use minimal electricity, and with multiple lamps placed around your room, they can provide a fantastic look. Go and experiment.