Reducing clutter to aid living

Most people have more ‘stuff’ than we need. While we kid ourselves that we really do need all this ‘stuff’ the reality is that we don’t. Instead, it actually gets in our way, creates work, and reduces the quality of our lives and the comfort of our homes. This is particularly the case with older fragile people.

I have recently been working with an elderly client with terminal cancer to help ensure his home is suitable for him and not a hazard. When you are so fragile and lacking in energy that you can’t lift your feet when you walk, things such as loose floor mats and rugs simply become trip hazards. The same goes for not having plenty of space around furniture … you are much more likely to bump into things and risk injuring yourself. 

I don’t mean to sound morbid, but reducing excess ‘stuff’ is much easier when you are physically able to do it yourself, so please, do not let it get out of hand. If something isn’t useful, beautiful, or of real sentimental value it has no place in your home. Either sell it, give it away, recycle it, or, as a last resort, put it in the rubbish. You will be glad you did.