This "bespoke architecturally designed 60's built house is still an inspiration in modern living and amenity" and is currently for sale on realestate.com.au.  It is a generously proportioned nine-room home with many fantastic original details.  Yes, it needs an upgrade as it is getting a tad tired, and this is what I hope the new owners will do.  Frighteningly though, the real estate advertisement also states that "developers will be attracted by the opportunity to build two stunning new homes each on a generous allotment".  This wouldn't be so frightening if I thought there was a chance that the new homes might indeed be 'stunning'.  Unfortunately, there are too many examples where fabulous 60s homes have been replaced with totally ordinary, forgettable, and poorly designed new homes that are driven entirely by developers' budgets rather than improved human environments.  I hope this house is saved that fate.