Retail shop for Design Eyewear, 75 square metres.


City of Adelaide, South Australia.

design challenges

To transform the shop within a minimal budget.


  • Upgrade the look and flow of the existing retail space
  • Improve access from the street
  • Design new joinery.



design solution

To increase the size of the very small retail space, the first examination room was reduced in size.  This allowed a total re-planing of how the retail space was laid out. All existing perimeter joinery was removed and a newly designed island ‘counter’ and work-bench was set in the centre of the space which allowed more display space for frames on the walls on either side of the retail space.

The front entrance was increased in width to facilitate the addition of handrails on both sides of the, unavoidable, few stairs inside the entrance.  This change also allowed more than one person to enter and leave the shop at the same time.

A simple colour scheme was applied that featured a high-light colour applied to the lowered front ceiling and verandah lining and the existing air conditioning exposed duct-work.  The high-light colour is designed to change every year so as to keep the shop looking fresh and up-to-date with minimal cost or inconvenience.

Two full-size white Mannequins were purchased to act as naked window displays to draw the attention of passing pedestrians. They wear ever-changing frames and create a dramatic street image to this small shop-front.