Residential services

Stewart Kirby Design has a diverse portfolio of residential projects ranging from small apartments to multi-storey mansions. As a registered Architect, Interior Designer and experienced Urban Planner, I offer unparalleled end-to-end expertise across all aspects of residential project work.


Sometimes you need to explore a few ideas with an architect or designer, get guidance on whether your dream home extension will meet Council planning regulations, or seek professional advice on what to do about your neighbour’s future building plans. You might just want to chat about choice of paint colours, fabrics or floor coverings. That’s fine too.


The scale of design work can vary enormously. At the simple end, I can rearrange furniture to better utilise existing space and improve functionality. Medium scale projects can involve removal of internal walls and reconfiguration of spaces to suit revised needs. Large scale projects can involve the design and construction of a new home or extension to an existing home.

Project Management

I have a strong track record of delivering projects on time and on budget. I regularly work with other design and building professionals to ensure your project delivers everything you wanted.

Planning approval

All building work requires planning approval and each Council area has different planning regulations to which your project must conform. I am skilled at negotiating this byzantine labyrinth of rules and regulations and will advise you on the best way of getting your project approved with minimal fuss.

Project stories

I have prepared several detailed case studies for a range of residential projects.

Commercial services

Stewart Kirby Design regularly works with clients across many commercial sectors. Retail, health care, engineering, travel and consulting businesses have availed themselves of my services and expertise.

I know that running a small to medium business is challenging at the best of times. Add to that the burden of planning for an office expansion, the purchase or lease and fit out of new premises, and the whole thing becomes so daunting that you stay in your existing premises longer than you should. I can offer small and medium business owners a service that matches their current (often small) requirements, and can extend this service as needs (and budget) allow. Examples include:

Existing premises

  • How to better utilise your existing space. Sometimes you don’t have to move.
  • Selective use of custom-designed furniture. This can make a dramatic difference to the way you work.
  • Space planning for business expansion. When you need more space for more people, what configuration gives you the optimum result? Remember, that it all has to fit within strict building codes and OHS guidelines.
  • Reception areas. These are your public face and strongly reflect your brand values. Your reception area should have maximum visual impact and be a joy to visit and work in.

Looking for new premises?

You’ll often have a choice of several locations but how can you choose between them? I can advise on the best premises to suit your needs, both in the short term and for space that offers maximum long term spatial flexibility.

Project stories

The following case studies will give you some insight into the way I work with commercial clients.

Special services

Stewart Kirby Design offers a range of special services that aim to reduce the stress and worry associated with major life changes.


Pre-sales styling


Sometimes you need to move to a different space and have to sell your old property. I offer various pre-sales styling services that can significantly enhance the value of your property (or make you think twice about moving).


Emergency rescue

I offer a unique and sensitive service for the restoration of neglected or damaged properties.

Property owners

Owners of a rental property, especially if they are managing the property remotely, may be faced with the distasteful prospect of rehabilitating their house or apartment after severe tenant neglect or deliberate vandalism. I have real world experience in working with such properties and taking the burden and worry of this process away from the owner. I can assess, design and revitalise the property, turning it from "land value only" into a highly desirable residence for future rental or sale.

Family members

There are times when family members, particularly the elderly, find it increasingly difficult to cope with the demands of home maintenance. Left unchecked, homes can rapidly deteriorate and become a worrisome burden for the resident. Such neglect can go unnoticed until the "deceased estate" process commences, but it need not be this way.

Project story

I have prepared a detailed project story about the reconfiguration of a family home for an elderly resident. The family (and the resident) were delighted.