1980s two bedroom detached unit, 80 square metres.


City of Tea Tree Gully, South Australia.

design challenges

  • Tired furnishings and fittings
  • Limited space.


To replace worn out carpets and furniture and provide an efficient home office.



design solution

This project involved a modest two bedroom home in the suburbs.  My client had owned and lived there for around twenty years.  This time had crept up on her, as is often the case, and the impetus for a change came from the fact that her carpets had worn out and were in need of replacement.  While thinking of all the belongings she had in her home that would be have to be moved to replace the wall to wall carpeting she had realised that her old furniture, that had all been purchased as she had moved around country locations before moving to this house, could mostly do with being replaced as well.

This was when Stewart Kirby Design was contacted.  The compact floor plan of this home called for creative solutions to both furniture type and placement.  Nothing could be large and everything had to make the most of the floor space it occupied.  I designed bookshelves, a desk, and occasional furniture and selected new sofas for the living room and a sofa-bed for the study/guest room.

Bookshelves were built to ceiling height to maximise shelving space and they were also built over a sofa-bed alcove and above the desk to maximise the use of wall space while minimising the floor space consumed.  The Ligne Roset Multy sofa bed was selected for its minimal footprint and maximum comfort for both sitting and sleeping.  The desk was designed to provide a home for all of the Clients needs while maximising a continuous desktop for spreading out work on. 

Custom built side tables were designed for the living room to do so much more than simply hold two (new) antique lamps.  They also have deep drawers for housing DVD’s and other assorted paraphernalia and open shelves to house a DVD player and remote controls.  A small Television lives on one of these tables.  By providing a home for these items the compact living room then only needed to hold two comfortable sofas and an antique chair.  Colour was injected into this space with red linen upholstery and matching lamp shades.

While the scope of this project was relatively minor, the outcome was extremely positive.  The Client is delighted with the appearance, style, functionality and comfort of her house and is proud of the end result.