2 level 1976 built, 112 square metre apartment.


City of Adelaide, South Australia.

design challenges

Limited budget and time frame, unsuitable floor plan.


  • Open up the apartment to views, light, and natural ventilation
  • Maximise the floorspace
  • Create a studio space for the Client to work in.



design solution

This project involved the redesign and fit-out of a neglected, but very cool, 1970s apartment designed by the architect Graeme Whitford. The apartment is located on the third and fourth levels above shops and offices of a popular cafe strip. The two level apartment had access to five balconies, an extensive number of built in planter boxes and had a great outlook.

Originally the lower level of the apartment housed a living room, kitchen, third bedroom/dining room, laundry, passageway and powder room with access to four of the balconies. The upper level had two bedrooms, a large ‘sun deck’ and a small bathroom.  All windows had heavy drapes and blinds that restricted both outlook and light.

The renovations involved removing all internal walls on the lower level with the exception of the powder room. The kitchen was moved to where the laundry had been to completely open up this level to light and views from its three facade aspect. This approach maximized useable floor space and allowed a very flexible layout of furniture.

On the upper level the walls and built in cupboards were removed from the landing and main bedroom to maximize space and light for use as a studio. The smaller bedroom was retained and the existing bathroom was refurbished.

The apartment now has access to views, light, and ventilation from three directions. A Landscape Designer was engaged to specify plantings for the balconies and built-in planter boxes which resulted in a very lush outlook. 

Passive solar heat gains where maximized for winter warmth which virtually eliminated the need for artificial heating.  Additional awnings, insulation and window tinting were installed to cope with reducing summer heat loads. The concrete floors were ground and applied with a gloss finish that helps reflect light and absorb warmth from the sun in winter.  White and Charcoal were chosen for a dramatic yet neutral background that focuses attention on the owners eclectic range of furnishings and art and the surrounding views.